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Hi Team,

We are trying to migrate from embedded wizard version 9.30 to 11.0 (both Pro licenses). What are the steps to be followed for migration? We seem to be facing runtime issues post upgradation. Please let us know the steps in detail so that we can check if we missed anything.

Thanks in advance!

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first of all, let me recommend to study our Release Notes of version 10 and the Release Notes of version 11 in order to be informed about all improvements and changes. If there are some any incompatibilities related to a GUI application, it is mentioned there.

From Embedded Wizard point of view you should update Embedded Wizard Studio, the Platform Package and the suitable Build Environment for your target.

Depending on the Build Environment that you have used as foundation for your custom specific hardware, you have to integrate your changes into the new version. Typically, the files within the folder /TargetSpecific have to be adapted.

Which target and which Build Environment are you using?

Additionally, it might be necessary to update the SDK that is provided by the chip manufacturer.

What runtime issues do you get?

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