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Here i have taken Valuse1 = 1 and Valuse2 =200  for cycletime=2000 and onAnimation i have taken one slot method . then this Slotmethod how much time excute? i think i should be 200 times with period 10msec. this slot not excuting  eveytime 200 times for linerTiming

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first of all, let me refer to the detailed description of the Int32 Effect.

In case you set CycleDuration to 2000, Value1 = 1 and Value2 = 200, the effect will make a linear transition from 1 to 200 within 2000 ms. But this does not imply, that every value from 1 to 200 will be achieved. Effects are triggered by an internal timer with 15ms - which results in a maximum screen update rate of 60 frames per second. Please note that effects are used to drive animations on the screen, e.g. to move a component within a certain time span from one location to another location. At the end, the number of triggers during the time span depends on the update rate of the display and on the graphical performance of the system.

For example, if you want to move a bitmap from one position to another one within one second, the effect will cause 60 updates during one second on a fast system - however, on a slow MCU it can happen that only 10 updates can be achieved. But on both systems, the bitmap will move from the start position to the end position within one second.

If you just want to increment a value from a start value to an end value and you want to ensure that every value in-between is reached, it might be better to use a Timer and a slot method where you increment a variable.

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