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Hello Paul,

I want to pass Enum string reference from outside, so we are going to load in application. What string we need to load and how to load in EW. How we are referring strings in EW.

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Hello Manvitha,

what do you mean with 'Enum string reference'?

Concerning the aspects of how to exchange data between the GUI application and the device, I recommend you the chapter Integrating with the device (especially the section Be careful when exchanging strings).

Also interesting is the chapter Implementing a Device Interface. It explains the concept of so-called Device Interface represented by a Chora class. Through this interface the GUI and the device can communicate.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach


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Hi Manvitha,

you can also have a look at this: https://ask.embedded-wizard.de/644/find-string-resource-by-name-in-chora

In this we have modified the string excel sheet to export not only the strings for the Embedded Wizard, but also an enum.

This enum can be used from "outside" to send it to the GUI. Whenever the GUI receives the enum, it can present the corresponding string (via the mapping function enum-string).



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