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I'd like to pass a string to the method EwPrint, the idea is to format the string in EW , then passed the string via a native statement to the function EwPrint.

I get an error when compiling in GCC that the method EwPrint wants a const char* but gets a Xstring.

I assume the conversion is not automatic. How to handle that?


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Hi Roccardo,

of course, you can use the function EwPrint() in order to print the content of a XString. Please use the escape sequence %S:

%S - works similar to %s with the difference that the operand affected by the operation is assumed to be a 16-bit zero terminated string. The escape sequence permits you to print contents of Embedded Wizard own XString strings. A conversion to ANSI string is not necessary.

I  hope this helps.

Best regards,



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