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As accidental operation, I undocked the inspector window, so I tried to redock it by double-click in its header area. 

But the weird thing is:  the Inspector window docked and occupied the upper half  side, it covers the Composer window and Templates window. I tried to change its dock postion, I click and keep the left mouse button to want to drag the window, but the rectangular window cannot change size and cannot move to right. see picture 1.

I tried to dock the Inspector window beside the Editor Window on the lower half side, it works well, see picture 2.


But I still want inspector window is on the upper right side like default set, 

Could you give me some suggestions how I can do? Thanks.

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Hello June,

please try to hold the Ctrl key while dragging the window. See also the chapter Undock the Inspector window.

Does it solve the issue?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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