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Hello team,

I am trying to display a float value using the value display widget. My input is a string and I converted it to a float value using the parse_float( -1.0 ) function.

eg: var float r1 = s1.parse_float( -1.0 ); // r1 = 41.5

I am receiving r1 correctly as 41.5. However when I am trying to display it on the screen using value display widget, i am getting only 41.0

The precision field in the value display is set to 1, still it does not work. Can you please let me know what I must do in order to get it correctly?


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please note, that the Value Display is using Int32 values and shows them (if required) in a fix point notation. The interface of this widget does not take float values. I assume you get a corresponding warning.

For more information about the widget see the section Determine the Value Display's content.

In your case, if you want to show your value with a precision of 1 (means one digit after the decimal sign) you should multiply your float value with 10.0 and convert it to Int32.

Does this work?

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