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Hi Team,

In my design I have a device class with properties measure, sampleID and alarm. These properties connected to the corresponding outlets of the application component. Also I am having a data storage class which contains all the properties from device class (it is created in order to pass only this storage class to the device side to access the parameters). Whenever the values of outlets change it should set the value to the property in the device class at the same time to the property in the storage class. Hence in the on set method of each property in device class I have called the data storage class and assigned the value to the corresponding property. To observe the changes I have used trace method, but I can only notice the change from the property in the device class not in the storage class as it shows always default value. What could be the issue here? How it can be resolved? Please assist me.



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Hi Team,

The issue has been fixed by referring "Use Auto Object" which is in the Embedded wizard documentation.




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