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Hello, id like to simulate the user inputs to create like a show demo of the gui that runs autonomously.

Is there a way to do so avoiding creating timers or other contraptions like that?


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Hello Riccardo,

the usage of timers to feed keyboard and/or touch events would be the simplest and cheapest approach. Doing this you could also simulate other kind of events (e.g. some battery warning event, etc.). To feed a touch event, you simply invoke in context of the Application component the methods DriveCursorHitting() or DriveCursorMovement(). To feed keyboard events use the method DriveKeyboardHitting(). When invoking the methods you provide the touch coordinates or key codes. The usage is thus not difficult.

More sophisticated, you could also use the Test Framework. This is a separate product you can acquire by Tara Systems GmbH. In such case, please contact us via e-mail.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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