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I am making the GUI application for an electric bike to display the speed and the battery percentage. I've made use of the already available example, so I do not have to do anything regarding the development of the gui but the place where I am stuck is, the Device Integration.


My question is, do I have to put some operating system in the raspberry pi?

I have to collect the data from GPIO Pins so how do I send this data from the raspberry pi GPIO pins to the GUI application. Should I make use of native statement and write the code that collects the data or should I write in Python, in the Pi's operating system and then somehow collect the data and send it to the GUI?

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let me refer to the section Accessing Hardware GPIOs within the Getting Started documentation. It demonstrates the access to the GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi.

I think this will be helpful.

My question is, do I have to put some operating system in the raspberry pi? 

This question is not clear to me, the software is based on Raspbian OS (Embedded Linux) - there is no need to add some operating system.

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Regarding the unclear part of my question:
Do I have to flash Raspbian OS on to the Pi.

Now the things are getting a little clear. I will ask if I need any further assistance.

Thank you very much for the reply.

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