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Hello, i am trying to design a Horizontal List, and all is all right but when i try to set items to the list i got a null object.


My unit


My application, i just code and wipe event to change between the Application::Application to the Application::List


In Application:Lista i added a horizontalList to show some items and some methods, the one i have problem is OnLoadItem.



And the last one is the item box who is the one where i going to load each item.




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have you changed the ItemClass of the Horizontal List Object?

Click in the inspector on the list and check its ItemClass-attribute. You have to change the class to your list-item-class, which you also use in the OnLoadItem.

Thanks i just did it and work fine.Ihaven't realize.


How can i change the screen orientation of the screen?right now it is horizonatal, i would like to develop in vertical mode.

If you want the list items being arranged one below the other vertically - use the Vertical List. The technique is the same as with the Horizontal List.

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And, on top of this, you could use variants for different screen sizes/orientation.
With variants you can develop responsive design without implementing the entire UI logic twice.
Ref: http://doc.embedded-wizard.de/managing-project-variants
For example: variant "landscape" and variant "portrait" - for landscape it should use the horizontal list and vor variant condition portrait it should use the vertical list.
This is just one way to reach the goal on a comfort way.

No i am not talking about that.

I mean, i am working with STM32F769 and the screen is showed horizontal as default. I want to change this orientation.

I was reading about that and i found that i can change the orientation and size in the profile, but when i do that and load to de development kit, the screen crash, i mean it does not do what i see in the prototype.

I suppose the problem is related to the ROTATION flag in the makefile. Generally, changing the profile attribute ScreenOrientation requires the flag ROTATION in your makefile being adapted accordingly. Please take a look at the article Horizontal orientation

Thanks it was the problem.now all is ok !!

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