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To be more specific: 

Previously, I have used Raspi-4b with 2-Channel Isolated CAN Bus Expansion HAT and 7.9inch HDMI LCD from Waveshare and created GUI.

This time I want to use STM32 MCU inclusive with 2-CAN channel but display from other manufacturer of variable sizes. Is that possible? 

Because when I look into https://www.embedded-wizard.de/platforms it shows me STM32 MCU integrated with LCD/Display and not just standalone MCU. 

Please help :)

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Hello Sahili,

for a GUI software it makes only sense to have a system with a display... ;-)

In case of STM32 we support many different Discovery and Eval-Boards that are equipped with a display. This makes it possible to provide a ready-to-use Build Environment for a dedicated system, which will run without any modifications. This is part of our success - as these Build Environments can be seen as reference software for a certain target.

Starting from scratch with a custom specific hardware with own display can be sometimes frustrating... Therefore we recommend to start with a Discovery or Eval-Board that is very close to your system and migrate then step by step to your hardware. Due to the fact that the Discovery boards are not very expensive, this is a simple and helpful approach.

Please let me know what kind of STM32 MCU you want to use and which display - then I can give you a recommendation for a certain starting point.

I hope this helps...

Best regards,


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