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Hi, EW Team:

     Recently my company has bought professional package of NxpRtVgLite-RGBA8888-Professional-AddOn.zip of version 11.00. When integrating it into our project, there are some compiling errors. One of them is that EW_MAX_NO_OF_GLYPHS is not defined. After looking up in the release note, I get to know that this macro was first introduced in version 11.00.04. 

Version 11.00.04

★Optimization of font metric evaluation and optimization of glyph loading and discarding.

★ewconfig.h: The new macro EW_MAX_NO_OF_GLYPHS determines the number of glyphs the Graphics Engine is allowed to store simultaneously. The more glyphs are possible the more efficient are all text rasterization and calculation operations. One glyph occupies 48 bytes. The value 0 indicates that the maximum number of glyphs will be estimated based on the size of the glyph surface cache.

   This means that the the Build Environment I downloaded from my EmWi Download Center  is of an earlier version. This mismatch leads to this problem. My login account is zhijie.rong@kostal.com.

  Please help check this problem.


Best regards.





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Hi, This problem has been solved. Sorry for troubling.


Best regards


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