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My Target Board: STM32F469 Discovery Kit

My goal: To establish CAN communication (receive and send); 

To be noted: 

  • using in-between SN65HVD230 CAN Board <--> STM32F469 Discovery Kit
  • using STMCubeIDE CAN pin configuration has been enabled with baudrate

As per https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/integrating-with-the-device described in the link; it specifies if your target supports driver 'Can4linux driver' then as per mentioned in the link code used.

My question or I am struggling:  How I can enable CAN communication (from embedded wizard)? Do I need to specify header or install some libraries? Also, how I can install any driver if required ?

Any guidance would be great help.

Thank you!



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Embedded Wizard is a GUI solution that is independent from the underlying driver model and independent from the communication with the target or with oder devices. You are (as a software developer) free to implement any device interface that meets your application use-cases.

Let me recommend the chapter(s) Implementing a Device Interface - there you will find all basics about including your protocol (e.g. CAN).

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for the feedback!

But I am still unable to get started with CAN communication from STM32F469 Discovery Kit board. 

I got suggestion from ST Forum to configure CAN communication using 'CubeMX'.

I enabled CAN using 'STM32CubeMX' and 'Generated code'. But now how I can integrate it with Embedded Wizard?

Any steps or guidance available.

Thank you and kind regards,





please have a look to this answer - I hope it helps you.

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