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I need suggestion on which 'HMI Display Hardware Solution' I can use for the below specified application.

Application has below requirements:-

  • looking for HMI Display solutions for automotive applications
  • size range of the HMI Display in the range of 8-10inch
  • "CAN" compatible is must. As input from Vehicle Control Unit will be CAN information.
  • it should be robust and reliable for long term use


***Just to let you know:

We have used RASPI-4B (with 7.9inch Waveshare Display) in our past projects. GUI was completely outstanding and really liked it working with Embedded Wizard Studio. But we felt Raspi-4b was not so reliable for automotive application.


Hence, it would be really great help if you suggest robust and reliable 'HMI Display Hardware Solution' with above specified requirements.

Thank you so much :)

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Hi Sahili,

In fact I would recommend the NXP i.MXRT1170 as this MCU is also as an automotive grade chip available. For further recommendations it would be great if you could send us a short email via contact@embedded-wizard.de

Thanks and best regards,

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