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I'am currently programming something for windows and have changed my window so that it's size is dynamic and the object size and position is calculated and changed on runtime.

But i noticed that the available memory pool size is a bit lacking for 4k monitors, so I doubled it and now it works without any problems.

So i would like to know if there are good pool sizes depending on the complexity of the project or if it is possible to change the memory pool size on runtime or mayby to limit the window size if the memory pool is almost used up.

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in case of Windows (or Linux) platforms it is not mandatory to use a predefined memory pool - you can use the system memory via malloc() and free(). For that purpose you can set the memory pool size to 0

#define EW_MEMORY_POOL_SIZE      0

within the file ewconfig.h. Then malloc() and free() are used.

Generally, in order to estimate the memory pool size, let me refer to the chapter memory footprint within our knowledge base.

I hope this helps.

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