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When I try to add object in Application Class, there is an option to paste the object class in Derived Paste or Instance Paste.. I noticed no different when I try one of this option.. So I looking for explaination what is the purpose of having this option. Thanks

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with derived paste you can add to a unit a new class derived from another class previously copied into the clipboard. With instance paste you can add a new instance (an object) of the copied class. So far the actual functionality.

In the past, there was only one operation derived paste to derive new classes and to create instances of them. That was logical, since classes could exist in units only while object were allowed within classes. So the effect of the derived paste operation depended on the context in which it has been applied.

With the autoobject enhancement some years ago we added the possibility to create objects also within the unit. Therefore we needed a new operation instance paste in order to permit the user to explicitly distinguish between the creation of an instance (autoobject) within the unit or the derivation of a new sub-class.

In order to keep this new version of Embedded Wizard as far as possible compatible with older versions, we decided to maintain the derived paste operation unchanged when applied in context of a cass. This means, the operations derived paste and instance paste have the same effect when you are editting a class. In turn, when you edit the content a unit, the operations have different effects: creation of an autoobject or derivation of a class.

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