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2 finger SlideTouchHandler intervene with SimpleTouchHandler

On My project first time,i use SimpleTouchHandler ( NoOfHandler = 2) to persent the DialogPanel. But like the example project(WasherMachine_Change) some other widget trogger when 2-finger-slide.



I think it maybe is a grab cycle problem, for this Question answer:

A specific GUI use case - Ask Embedded Wizard (embedded-wizard.de)

At this Question, we Can change the SimpleTouchHandler TimeOut value to change interval time between the first-finger and second-finger.

like the way to change the interval time,  I try to change SimpleTouchHanler detect time. I change the press value like below:

press   = ( event1 != null ) &&  event1.Down && ( event1.HoldPeriod ==  0 );
hold    = ( event1 != null ) &&  event1.Down && ( event1.HoldPeriod >   0 );
timeout = ( event1 != null ) &&  event1.Down && ( event1.HoldPeriod >  50 );
release = ( event1 != null ) && !event1.Down;
drag    = ( event2 != null );

But it's failed. Can we achieve this functin: SimpleTouchHanler detect time delay 50ms.





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Hello ke007,

I have just created an example and tested the timeout modification using version 11. In my test I specified timeout of 5000 ms. It worked. Why it is not working in your case, no idea. Please see my comments in our other conversation.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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