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part of my gui is a circular clock-face. In the EW and in the Prototyper the clock is displyed perfectly in a 800x480 pixel resolution.

On the real display for the application -also with a resolution of 800x480 pixel- the the clock is not circular, it has an oval shape.

The display documentation mentions, that the pixel width differs from the pixel height. Is this the cause for the deformation of the objects?

Did you already cope with this kind of problem?

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yes the problem is well known from former times, when dealing with GUIs on TVs with CRT monitors...

Nowadays, the problem is rare - as far as I know most of the TFT displays are providing almost rectangular pixels. Of course, there are exceptions, e.g. the Raspberry Pi display has a pixel aspect ratio that is not 1:1. As a result, a circle appears as an ellipse.

In this case, it is necessary to be aware of that during the UI design and to create bitmap images that are compensated - especially, when circular objects are shown.

Any scaling during runtime would cost a lot of performance and result in a partially unsharp result.

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