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I've seen that this tool can be used by some boards like STM32 discovery, what about a custom boards? Can we build our board and use the embedded wizard tool for that? If yes what is the restrictions. We need larger LCD (10 to 15 inch) and higher resolution. What kinds of LCDs can we use, is it possible to use LVDS type LCDs? What is the limits of resolution and frame rates?

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the resolution and the frame rates are limited by the hardware and not by Embedded Wizard. 

Since Embedded Wizard is very popular in the Consumer Electronic (CE) business, LVDS connected display panels are common and the display resolution is typically 1920x1080 in case of FullHD (or higher in case of 4k panels). Let me refer to the success story of Loewe TV, created with Embedded Wizard Studio.

Of course, it is possible to use your own custom board. The advantage of the provided Build Environments for the different STM32 discovery boards is, that you can start very easy and get everything up and running in very short time. Otherwise you start with a new software on a new hardware with new drivers, which might be sometimes frustrating, when the software does not work, because the underlying system is not stable...

Furthermore, let me refer to the minimum requirements.

Thanks Manfred,

Yes the resolution and the frame rates are depend on my harware, but I think embedded wizard is not just a high-level tool for building GUIs, it also has middleware codes to run on some platforms like STM32 family. And possibly It has a professional most optimized codes using FSMC, DMA, ... and some mentioned techniques like partially page updates and so on. So as we see in videos it has very fast and responsive operation on 4.3" LCD of STM32F7 Discovery board. So my question is that with these assumptions what is the most resolution and the frame rates that we can achieve by STM32F7 series. And does this depend on the LCD connection (for example SSD1963 driver or LVDS)?

And if we want to use our designed board what should we do to connect our board to embedded wizard and to use its middleware drivers. For example, for using SSD1963 as a LCD driver and interfacing to MCU by FSMC?

First of all it is important to know, that Embedded Wizard is the UI solution and not the BSP containing the different drivers. In case of the different STM32 Build Environments we are always using the STCube Firmware.

The answer concerning resolution and frame rates is always: It depends...

It depends on the memory bandwidth, on the connection between MCU and display, on your UI application and types of animations, on your other activities (CPU, DMA, ....), and so on.

Maybe, if you already have some design ideas that you cannot share in this forum, you can contact us via support@embedded-wizard.de to discuss this in more detail.

Concerning the SSD1963: You can have a look to the STM32F407 Build Environment, this package already contains a driver for the SSD1963. This could be a good starting point for you...

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