Running EmWiz on LPC54605

asked Nov 28, 2018 in Embedded Wizard Studio by nikola.stojkov

I was wandering is there a way to customize LPC54608 package, already bundled with EmWiz, for LPC54605 development ?

We are going to need SPI support for TFT LCD and SD Card as a storage, SDRAM will be availible for frame buffers.

What is the best way to start prototyping for LPC54605 ?


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answered Nov 28, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer

Hello Nikola,

the Build Environment for LPC54608 is prepared to work with the on-chip LCD controller. In your case you want to transfer the content of the framebuffer to an external graphics memory via SPI.

The complete interaction with the LCD controller is implemented in the file ew_bsp_display.c. You can adapt this file and implement your own SPI driver to copy the content of the framebuffer to your display memory.

There is one Build Environment that contains a similar approach - it is the STM32F407 Build Environment. Maybe it is helpful to have a look into this package (ew_bsp_display.c, main.c and ewextgfx.c).

But it will be not so easy to change the complete framebuffer concept of a Build Environment - typically we offer such bring-ups of custom specific hardware as services.

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commented Nov 29, 2018 by nikola.stojkov
Hello Manfred,

Can we discuss this option on email ?

Best Regards,

commented Nov 29, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer
Hi Nikola,

of course, please use to discuss this option.

Best regards,


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