Touch input does not work on stm32f469i-disco

asked Mar 25 in Getting started by mixo3891

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answered Mar 25 by Manfred Schweyer


It seems that your question is not complete - there are just a few pictures.

Please try to follow the Getting Started with STM32F469 Discovery Board and describe what you have done and what does not work. The more details you provide the better help you can expect.

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commented Apr 13 by Manfred Schweyer

Hello @all,

meanwhile I have received a STM32F469-Discovery board with FT6336 and the support for that touch controller is now added to the following Build Environments (version 9.30.01):

STM32F469 Discovery

STM32F469 Evalboard

STM32F769 Discovery

STM32F769 Evalboard

Please download once again the Build Environment for your target - then you should be able to get the touch running...

Thanks to everybody for the feedback!

Best regards,


commented Apr 15 by mixo3891


I test on STM32F469 Discovery and it works fine thank you!

commented Apr 15 by mixo3891
Hello after few testing I found calibration problem, when I touching it touchs on different area on display,

how I can solve this? need calibration.
commented Apr 15 by Manfred Schweyer

you can try the example "ScreenOrientation" to test the touch coordinates. Please note, that the touch coordinates are used as they are provided by the touch driver.

(I have seen that within the driver ft6x06 there is an auto calibration which can be activated by setting TS_AUTO_CALIBRATION_SUPPORTED=1 and which runs for half a minute. Maybe this helps on your board).
commented Jun 12 by ozbasaranoglu


I test on STM32F769I-Discovery and it works fine thank you!

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