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Hi, I'm doing the first tests.
I have tried several examples using Atollic TrueSTUDIO and only "Hello World" works, Washing Machine, Device Integration,
Waveform Generator, Bezier Clocks don't work.
Everyone reports this error:

Create Embedded Wizard Root Object ... EMWI ERROR: code: 321
System halted! [MemManage_Handler].

If I use Start GccBuildEnvironment.bat for build and flash the examples everything is ok and they work correctly.
What can I do?


Target system                                STM32F746-Discovery      
Color format                         ize                                480 x 272
Graphics accelerator                         DMA2D      
Vector graphics support                      enabled      
Warp function support                        enabled      
Index8 bitmap resource format  flash device                        QSPI Flash      
Linker section for bitmap pixel data         .SectionEwResource      
Linker section for font pixel data           .SectionEwResource      
Toolchain                                    GCC      
C-Co             9.30
Max surface cache size                       4194304 bytes
Glyph cache size                             256 x 256
Max issue tasks                              100      
Surface rotation                             0      
Create UI thread...                          [OK]
Initialize Display...                        [OK]
Initialize Touch Driver...                   [OK]
Initialize Memory Manager...                 [OK]
Initialize Graphics Engine...                [OK]
Create Embedded Wizard Root Object...        EMWI ERROR: code: 321
For details please visit https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/errors
EMWI ERROR: code: 321
For details please visit https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/errors
System halted! [MemManage_Handler]

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Hi Danny,

could you please try to download the Build Environment again, unzip it into a folder close to the root directory (e.g. "C:\STM32")?

Usually the import, build and execution of a TrueSTUDIO Project works pretty well, thus I assume that something has gone wrong during opening the project/workspace.

Does the error appears after that anyways?

Best regards,

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just another idea: Are you using the PostProcess as it is mentioned in the section Using Atollic TrueSTUDIO?

Best regards,


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I tried to reinstall the Build Environment but nothing has changed and, yes, the PostProcess is set correctly.
It seems that the problem only concerns debugging, if I select "run" the examples work correctly
Hi Danny,

unfortunately that problem is already known, but within the next few weeks we will release Embedded Wizard 10.0 with STM32CubeIDE projects instead of TrueSTUDIO projects.

With STM32CubeIDE the debugger mode work pretty good and a bit more comfortable as with TrueSTUDIO. Right now, I wouldn’t recommend to start an individual development project with TrueSTUDIO cause it is already outdated.

Thus, if it isn't a big problem for you, could you please wait until then?

Best regards,

I can wait, do you know how many 'few' weeks? two, three or twenty? :)

Thank you very much


Hi Daniele,

let me recommend to register for our newsletter - then you will be informed as soon as the new version is online.

A few weeks means about four weeks... :)

Best regards,


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