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hi ,
I want to know how ewmain.c and .c get link with Embedded Wizard and DeviceDriver.h included in inline function how it will search the path DeviceDriver.h?

I am trying to interface the device side data to EW side
probably i want to fetch the data from system event hander
I want to know how this inline function invoke
as i have include the device.h but where this device.c and .h should be kept in folder structure

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please have a look into the provided Build Environment, which contains (in most cases) an example called DeviceIntegration. It demonstrates how to set data on the underlying system (e.g. switch on/off a LED) and how to push data from the underlying system to the GUI application (e.g. when the user presses a hard button).

The adaptation is implemented within the file DeviceDriver.c and the declaration can be found in the file DeviceDriver.h. This file is included by using inline code.

Please note, that this is only necessary for the generated code. The include is placed into the generated C code. The search path depends on your toolchain and has to be set usually by project settings inside the IDE.

Does this answer your question?

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I have read the example of Device integration

TO be more specific i have client and server protocol

From server side i want to send the data to EW

So i have implemented DeviceDriver.c and Device Driver .h and implemented the DeviceDriver.c and Device Driver .h in server protocol and same Device Driver .h is include as inline EW project.

But still i am unable to get the output .

So the procedure which i have done is the right approach ?


I checked in application .c  #include DeviceDriver.h is implemented . .

One basic question.

In Device driver.c file : I have to initalize the Embedded wizard as per the example ew_init();


the initialization of Embedded Wizard GUI application should be done in ewmain.c and not in a device driver file.

See the article main loop for more information - in particular the section Life Cycle of the GUI Application.

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hi Manfred,


Let me understand as I am getting more confused there are file like main.c , ewmain.c

main.c is present in the RTE package

My question is where should i call ew_main.c function in which file so that it will be linked
I think now I am getting more confused....

What target are you talking about? Which Build Environment are you using?

Hi Manfred.


Build Env : Visual Studio 

I want to drive ew_main.c file but probably i could not link


In visual studio i have win32 folder, RTE folder and GFX folder




Thanks for clarification.

The structure of a Win32 applications is different compared to all the Build Environments we provide for MCUs and MPUs.

In case of Win32 you can adapt the file ewapp.c (which can be compared to the ewmain.c of MCUs and MPUs): Please take a look in the folder Platforms\Tara\Win32\RTE just below the installation directory of Embedded Wizard. There you will find the files main.c, ewapp.c and ewapp.h. You can copy these files to your own project and adapt it as necessary. They implement the glue code between Windows and Embedded Wizard application.

There you can add your code to initialize your device driver and to process the data - as mentioned in the section Implement a Device Driver. For Win32 we do not have a prepared DeviceDriver.c - you can add the functions as described in this section.

I hope it is more clear now. 

Best regards,



this is what I was expecting , i will work on it and get back to you.

It will help me  if you can share some example code for this

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