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Hello Friends,

I am attempting to learn to develop EW applications for the Raspberry Pi  4B. I have consumed all of the quick tour and getting started with raspberry pi documentation. I have successfully built the HelloWorld example application on the Pi, however, when I finally run the application, the output mode selection info is displayed in the terminal, but the display fails to initialize. I have tried modifying ewconfig.h to request a specific display mode but this does not fix the issue. I have rebuilt several times with the same result. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Available output modes:
  800 x  480 @ 60Hz (pixel clock:   27777kHz) (preferred mode)
Selected display mode: 800x480@60Hz (pixel clock: 27777kHz)
(Preferred display mode requested)

Initialize Display...                        [failed]




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Hey again,

I would just like to say that I resolved the issue with a reinstall of Raspberry OS Lite.

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Best regards,


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