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I'm playing with embedded wizard enviroment, I have succesfully tested the example application on my raspberry pi 4 following the guide.

Now I would like to start the graphical application on Raspberry Pi OS full (with DSI monitor 7") but I'm getting error (obviously) while starting the application: 

"Initialize Display...                        [failed]"

I imagine that there is a conflict with the "Desktop" management of RPI os and the application. How can I launch the application on rpi os full? I know that in "ewconfig.h" there are lines for display configuration but I don't know what i can do..

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the Build Environment for RasPi-4B is based on DRM and requires an exclusive access. Therefore you have to quit the running window manager in order to start the full-screen Embedded Wizard GUI application. Other configurations within ewconfig.h will not help. The initialization of DRM will fail as long as the requested device is occupied by the desktop.

The problem is not the usage of Raspi OS Full (instead of Raspi OS Lite) - it is the running window manager that should be quit.

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