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Good morning,
in the gui  that I am developing I have several pages (class Core: Group) in which it is possible to navigate trough touch-screen. Inside some pages i've a "modal" that show a Keyboard or Keynum  to set some values. If the modal is Core:Group the event  "Core :: KeyPressHandler" don't work. If the modal is Core:root  the event works.

what is the right way to do this?

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Hello GMaro,

based on your description I'm not able to deduce what is wrong. Please try to reduce the application to a simple example and if the problem still persists, upload the example here.

If the modal is Core:root the event works. 

Making Core::Root modal does not make much sense. Are you using multiple Core::Root components as regular components in your application? If yes, please avoid it. Except special cases, an application may contain only 1 (one) Core::Root.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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