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Hello I'm jeonghan


I have a question about device integration.


we are using stm32h750, stm32cubeIDE & embedded wizard with small business.


we are trying to display our data on GUI, and we already read the article named "Integrating device".


as our understanding of article, we create a new DeviceClass variable and combine that using EwGetAutoObject with GUI, so that we can use GUI method (e.g. updateXXX ....) in our freeRTOS task code.

but problem is that our task is blocked because of EwGetAutoObject code.

is this a right way to combine GUI and C code ? 


or is there another way to access GUI property variables or method from our C code ?


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Hello jeonghan,

according to the provided information it is really difficult to find the reason for the blocking situation. It might be the case that during the initialization of your Device Class other native function calls are done, which are waiting for your semaphore... But ???

As you already mentioned, the article Integrating with the device explains the basics for this topic - furthermore, within the Build Environment for STM32H750 you will find an example called DeviceIntegration which demonstrates that.

Btw: The above code snippet seems to be not according to our templates - so it is once more difficult to support that.

Best regards,




hello manfred,


I checked again the article "Intergrating with the device", but in the article, I think it is all about GUI code.


To clarify our goal,

Step 1. change property value in our freeRTOS C code by using property update method.

Step 2. update method will notify to the property observer

Step 3. the property observer's onEvent slot will be executed which will animate GUI.


All steps are well explained on the article in your website except for step 1.


So, what we are trying to ask is "Can we change property in our FreeRTOS C code?"
(we create a property at deviceclass so that we have a property update method)

If it is possible, Is it right way to use EwGetAutoObject() in our C code to make deviceclass class?


If not, to change property, should we set a timer and update property value its every period?


ps. if you need our source code or structure, we can attach it.


thank you



we solved our problem. we didn't expect EwProcess () to exchange data.

thank you for your help.


Best regards,


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