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Could u tell whether Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Khmer, Burmese languages supported by Embedded wizard?

If not supported is there any alternate solution u can provide.

If yes please provide me solution.


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Hello Manvitha,

please see the following section Language Management and Localization. According the languages Arabic and Hebrew are supported. As already discussed in other threads Languages supported by Embedded wizard and Alternate Solution for fontranges of Khmer, Burmese the support for Thai is limited while Khmer and Burmese will probably not work at all.

If not supported is there any alternate solution u can provide.

Thai, Khmer and Burmese require so-called complex text layout engine. Such engine is not part of Embedded Wizard. Due to the internal architecture of Embedded Wizard it is also not possible to integrate any other external complex text layout engine. Therefore, for the version 11 and all preceding versions, there is no alternative solution.

We know this customer requirement and we are working on the support for complex text layout for more than one year. With the next version 12 we will enhance Embedded Wizard by an interface the customer can implement and integrate so an external complex text layout engine, for example HarfBuzz. This interface will have an experimental status primarily.

I hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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