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Dear Sirs and Madams,

My system setup:

1. Embedded Wizard 11 free trial addition on Windows 7.

2. VirtualBox Ubutu 18.10

3. i.Mx 6ull based module with embedded Linux (kernel 5.4.142 Dunfell).

For testing I remade one of Embedded Wizard Examples into just one Button on a blank screen. When I create a Binary and load it to my target as described here (https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/getting-started-imx6-software-fbdev?v=12.00) everything works. I can see my Button on the blank screen.

Now I am trying to integrate a generated Code into my existing c++ eclipse project. I get compilation errors:

./DisplaySource/DeviceDriver.cpp:322: error: undefined reference to 'EwPrint(char const*, ...)'
../DisplaySource/ew_bsp_touch.cpp:363: error: undefined reference to 'EwPrint(char const*, ...)'
../DisplaySource/ewextgfx.cpp:127: error: undefined reference to 'EwResourcesMemory'
../DisplaySource/ewextgfx.cpp:127: error: undefined reference to 'EwResourcesMemory'

and many more "undefined reference to" errors

"PlattformPackage" "TargetSpecific" "Application" source files have no function definitions for prototypes in ewrte.h and ewgfx.h. Also in ewrte.h and ewgfx.h there is an #include<ewconfig.h>. Is it suppose to be #include"ewconfig.h" from Application/Source folder?


Best regards,

Taras Chapnyi

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Hi Taras,

it seems to me that you got the errors due to the renaming of provided files - e.g. ew_bsp_touch.cpp instead of the original ew_bsp_touch.c.

The mentioned functions like EwPrint() are declared in ewrte.h and implemented in the RTE library (/PlatformPackage/RTE/libewrte.a).

Best regards,


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