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I'm passing touch events from the driver to UI application by using ewmain.c .
In ewmain.c:
1) I'm using EwProcess() function to pass touch events to applicaion  (Core::Root.Drivemultitouch_hitting())
Drivemultitouch_hitting(*this,bool,finger,position); to the UI, it's working fine.

2) For 'slide touch handler' and 'scroll bar' also we are passing in the similar way (Core::Root.Drivemultitouch_movement())
Drivemultitouch_movement(*this,finger,position); but this events isn't processed by EW applicaion. (protoyper it's working but in target system it won't)

Is that any separate function to pass data from the drive to EW application?   


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please do not modify the main loop and the processing of touch events within the file ewmain.c.

There are two macros in ewconfig.h that can be enabled to check the touch coordinates:

EW_PRINT_TOUCH_DATA - This macro prints all touch data reported by the touch driver on the console. This is helpful to test and calibrate the touch device.

EW_PRINT_TOUCH_EVENTS - This macro prints all touch events that are provided to the GUI application. This macro is important for testing during development: Every touch cycle for each finger has to start with one DOWN event followed by 0...n MOVE events and it has to be finalized with one UP event. This sequence is essential and mandatory to provide touch events to the GUI application.

As soon as you provide valid touch cycles to the GUI application, the behavior of the GUI application on the target will be the same as it is the case in the Prototyper.

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