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Hello, I'm trying to show the italicized Open Font Roboto Mono in a right justified text box and I see that the right-most character sometimes gets chopped off at the end. I tried setting the "AutoSize" attribute of the textbox to true but it didn't seem to help. I also tried one of the Microsoft fonts "Arial Unicode MS" and I see the same problem. Am I missing a setting? Thanks!

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by setting the property ScrollOffset of the text view to a small negative value you can workaround this bug. In such case the text is moved to the left so the few pixels at the right edge should be visible again. 

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Paul Banach

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Hello, thank you for that report!

It seems to be a bug and we will investigate that in more detail.

There is definitely no setting that you have missed...
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This bug still exist at V11.0, but set the ScrollOffset does fix the problem.

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