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How to change the font size and font type of related characters only.

Now i tried it but it is affecting the normal text key also

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Hello Melvin,
Is your question related to the Extended Virtual Keyboard?
If yes, you have to extend the KeyInputConfig with the additional configuration parameters you want to use. (eg. RelatedCharactersFont)
This you can assign within Button class when the button is used as type 'RelatedCharacter'.

With kind regards,
Yes my question is related to the Extended Virtual Keyboard.

I put additional configuration parameter in KeyInputConfig.

How can we able to handle that to change the font of related characters only
Within ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::Button.UpdateViewState, you can assign the font from your config within the section "Type == ExtendedVirtualKeyboard::ButtonType.RelatedCharacter".
thankyou for the updates

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