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Hello Manfred,

As per your request, I continue to post the issue with this header. 

I downloaded the 11.00.01 installer. When I try to install it, I realized that I already had 11.00.01 version. As per Paul explanation, version info can be extracted from " in the Splash Screen when Embedded Wizard is started or log  window".

There, my Emwiz version is just 11.00 what I see. However, for Windows system, in control panel I have seen that my EmWiz Version is 11.00.01. Below is SS of that.

emwiz version Info

As per your guide, I enabled my UART HW module in my own board, then I logged it to file. Here is the log file of app;

log file

Here is the flags status in ewconfig.h file


#define EW_DUMP_HEAP





actually, I could not find any valuable info in log file I saved from console. Are there any other different flags that I have to enable/define?

Why datepicker not loaded to GUI and program crashes?

Thanks a lot


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Hello Burhan,

great to see that you have now the console working - this is always helpful do detect runtime errors.

So far there are no errors reported.

Do you still get the MemFault within the debugger? This could be caused by incorrect MPU settings. Have you checked that? Is the memory layout adapted to your hardware?

Best regards,

Yes, I still get the same error and picker template not be loaded to GUI on display. MPU setting is something new for me not consider and check before. What should its value/setting be?

Thanks a lot
The GUI seems to be incomplete because the application stops the operation due to the hard fault. In this case you should clarify the reason for this exception. In case of a MemFault it is likely, that your software accesses an area where no memory is located or that the Memory Protection Unit is preventing the software from accessing a certain memory area.

Does your software run on the reference board? What is the difference between the reference board and your hardware (SDRAM and Flash)?

In case you have different memories (SDRAM, Flash), the system initialization and the configuration have to be adapted accordingly.
Actually, I have no reference board. I worked with my own board. Up to now, everything runs perfect except picker template. I am using nearly every peripheral of imx1170. Why does only datepicker produce that kind of error only? I mean I have no MPU settings changed and worked with default values. Anyway, as I stated already, I added that picker to my GUI in EmWiz13 as well. It worked there.

If the reason resulted from MPU settings , then when I copy the function's body in Emwiz13 to my current using function's body in Emwiz11; then problem must disappear, Am I right?

The function I said is below;

void EwBspSystemInit( void )







I will copy the body of BOARD_ConfigMPU(); ?


Thanks a lot


Difficult situation.

Do you have a reference hardware (MIMXRT1170-EVK) in your company?

Can you make a reproducible example, that shows the issue on the i.MXRT1170-EVK? Then I can try to debug the issue.

The data picker itself (or any GUI component) will not be able to cause a mem fault within a valid memory area. Have you tried the SDRAM memory test? Please let me know the results.

Unfortunately, I have no MIMXRT1170-EVK. Instead, MIMXRT1166-EVK.

However, Embedded Wizard does not support 1166.

I am testing Camera, CAN, SPI, touch, display, QSPı etc.. with my GUI very well. It works no problem. The only problem as I stated when I add datepicker. It crashes my GUI and produces hard fault error.

I already tested SDRAM and no face issues during tests.

As you know better than me, displaying live camera on EmWiz GUI requires intensive oparations with using SDRAM. So it runs perfectly.

Dear Manfred,

I have tested it with Emwiz13 version. It worked there. I am using the same GUI same HW, same MPU settings defined in BOARD_ConfigMPU() function. Emwiz11 fails but Emwiz 13 works.

Please see the attachments:

Emwiz11_program crashes, not loaded datepciker to GUı

Emwiz13_program works_well, loaded datepciker to GUI perfectly running


Hi Burhan,

thanks a lot for the additional information and the comparison. I was not aware that the same application is running perfectly using V13.

Just for your information: There have been done may many improvements and bug fixes for the iMXRT1170 VGLite Platform Package in version 11, version 12 and version 13. Also the SDK and the VGLite drivers have been improved by NXP.

Have you considered an update to V13?

Best regards,


Hello Manfred,

I talked with my manager if any chance to switch up Embedded Wizard. However, because of license price, he was not welcome to upgrade.

If license would be no problem, then actually I am already willing to switching 13.

Best Regards


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