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I made changes in ew_bsp_display.c as shown below and make an error. please help me.
#include "ewconfig.h"
#include "stm32f4xx_hal.h"
#include "stm32f4_discovery.h"

/ * flags to choose one of the provided display drivers * /
#define USE_ILI9341
// #define USE_ILI9325
// #define USE_SSD1963
// #define USE_SSD2119


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Hi there,

could you please ensure that the related .c file, which contains the functions bodies, is invoked into your build process?

As you see below, the makefile is pre confiured for SSD2119.

"ld returned 1 ..." always means that your linker isn't able to find a function bodies which mostly is occured by missing .c includes.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for my make file editing and success!

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