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We use chorac.exe as described in https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/generating-code#6 but this appears to be missing in the new Embedded Wizard 10.00? What is the best way of generating code from the command line with Embedded Wizard 10.00 (and the new licensing)?

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ChoraC.exe is still part of the Embedded Wizard Professional Edition setup and will be installed automatically together with the IDE. Please check your installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Embedded Wizard 10.00\chorac.exe). If you have licensed the Professional Edition for version 10.00 you can use that application exactly in the same manner as with older versions.

Please ensure to have installed the right edition - and if there are error messages when you start ChoraC.exe, please let us know.

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We've determined that was being incorrectly flagged/quarantined by our antivirus (CylancePROTECT).

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