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As a UI developer, I am working with a separate firmware team to integrate with the hardware platform. After purchasing 10.00 (EW only, no platform source) and starting development, I learned that they are using version 9.3 and will not be updating. We are evaluating our options, such as:

  1. Purchasing the source for platform 10.00 and migrating our changes, or
  2. Downgrading EW to 9.3 and recreating my UI project so that the platform code doesn't have to change.

If we chose the second option, can we "downgrade" our license? is it free? Would we have to purchase 10.00 again if we upgrade later? And a follow-up question, can EW 10.00 build the code for the V9.30 platform package? (that would solve our problem, but I don't think that feature is available?)

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Hi Rob,

for the commercial aspects (to get an Embedded Wizard 9.30 license) let us continue the discussion via email - directly to us or via the distributor.

Concerning the technical aspects, let me try to answer your questions here: In principle it should be straight forward to upgrade from version 9.30 to version 10.00 as we always take care on compatibility. However, the other direction is not supported. Afrter you have modified your GUI project with a new version it is more or less not possible to continue your work by using an older version.

Best regards,


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