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Hi, EW Team:

      I am doing some performance test regarding RT1170 after using the VGLite RGBA8888 professional addon. I found that the binary built with V11.00.05 Build Environment didn't show anything in the screen. The messages printed by console showed everything is correctly inintialized. While there is no problem with V11.00.01 B.E. The hardware version is 2020 NXP B.V.  

     Please help see if this problem exists on your side.

    Thank you.

Bestr regards.


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Hi Stephen,

please check the release notes of the Build Environment for iMXRT1170 VGLite:

Version 11.00.05

★ Support of new display controller RK055MHD091 (part number RK055HDMIPI4MA0).

★ Changed default display type in /TargetSpecific/Drivers/display_support.h from DEMO_PANEL_RK055AHD091 to DEMO_PANEL_RK055MHD091.

I assume that you have configured the wrong display type.

Best regards,


Hi, Manfred:

      It's OK, now. Thank you.


Best regards.


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