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The characters within the code editor of Embedded Wizard Studio are hard to read. How to change the font size? How to select another font?

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The font which is used by default within the Editor window is "Lucida Console" – usually this font is installed together with the Windows installation. If your system does not contain this font, you can choose another font (non-proportional font with fixed spacing), e.g. "Courier New". Within your Embedded Wizard installation directory you will find the file 'Chora.ini'. Open it with a text editor and change the following section:

FaceName          = Lucida Console
Size              = 9
Italic            = 0
Bold              = 0

If you changed the font and you ensured that it is available on your PC, but the characters are still corrupted, sometimes it is necessary to increase the font size step by step until the characters become readable and in good quality.


for my test,it causes by the keyword turn into blod,and you can change the option [Blod] to fix the display problem



Foreground = 0,0,192

Background = 255,255,248

BackColorAutomatic = 1

ForeColorAutomatic  = 0

DisplayName = Keyword

Configurable = 1

Bold = 0

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