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Hello Team,

I have a question about the usage of the TTF font engine.

It looks like font generation is still needed when using TTF font on the target. Is it possible to load TTF font registered with target system or to load font files from SD card dynamically at runtime?

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Hello Kangmin,

the generated C arrays (containing the content of the TTF files) are just for convenience - so it is possible to integrate the same TTF files into your binary as you has used during development.

But anyhow, the TrueType font engine (TTFE) interface is just an interface and you can implement that according to your needs. This means: Of course, you can integrate your own mechanism to provide the TTF information during runtime. Important is, that you register the font data (that you have loaded) by using the function EwTtfRegisterFont().

The integration of the FreeType2 font engine, which we include in our TTFE package - is also just a reference implementation. Feel free to use a completely different TrueType font engine.

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards,
Hi Manfred

Thank you for your prompt reply.

It was very helpful in understanding how it works.

Best Regards,


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