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Hi All,

There is a strange behaviour that we see with Studio 12.01 and our project and I wanted to run it by you.

The project has support for Chinese language and we are using Noto Sans SC Regular for this and Roboto for all other languages. All developers must install the same fonts to the Windows PC in order to be able to generate code. There are a large number of glyphs included from the Chinese font for the range 0x3000-0x303F,0x4E00-0x9FA5. This setup has worked well for quite a while.

However, since the EW12 update we frequently see font resources changing and showing up with differences even though there were no actual font changes in the project source files, studio version or the installed fonts. It can even occur with the same developer on the same PC at different times. The differences are always in the glyph definitions and pixel data.

It does not seem to cause any actual issue with the UI text display as far as we can tell, but it is kind of annoying since we cannot explain why it is happening.

Do you have any idea about how we can avoid or resolve this?





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Hello Niall,

we observed similar behavior in the past. It was not related to the Studio but to different versions of font resources or different versions of Windows itself. In fact, the font conversion depends on the Windows own font engine. Embedded Wizard itself does not process nor raster the glyphs by itself. Could you please try to narrow down the issue? Having a reproducible situation would help us to analyze the cause of the difference.

Also, please check the Log window for eventual warnings indicating font mismatch.

Best regards

Paul Banach


Hi Paul,

I understand what you mean about the Windows font engine and were sure we would find different font versions installed on developer PCs but so far we did not track it to down to this. We can try to isolate the problem in a small example project then share this with you. Hopefully, we succeed in creating the issue that way.



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