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I found a tutorial on your website (https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/getting-started-raspberrypi), but can't find links to the Embedded Wizard Raspberry Pi Platform Package nor the corresponding build environment. I downloaded the free edition of Embedded Wizard Studio, but noticed that "Raspberry Pi" was missing from the lists of target platforms in the registration form. Because of this, I was emailed incorrect links to download these files. Is there anywhere else I can get access to the platform package and build environment? 



From all of the information that I can find on your website, Raspberry Pi should be in this list during registration, but it is not. The following pages specifically say that the platform package and build environment should be available to the free version of EW. Is this maybe a mistake?

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thanks for your message.

We have just released the new version 9.30 of Embedded Wizard Studio and the different STM32 and NXP Build Environments.

We are currently updating and testing all the other Platform Packages and Build Environments - this should be completed within the next days.

Please stay tuned and appologize the slight delay.

Best regards,


That's fine. I thought maybe there was a possibility that Embedded Wizard lost support for Raspberry Pi. I will check back in a few days from now. On a side note, a new version of Raspbian was released on the 3rd of December. Will embedded wizard support the newly released Raspbian Buster? I see the tutorial suggests Raspbian Stretch, but I suppose the tutorial page has not been updated since Buster's release.
Yes, the next release will use the latest Raspbian Buster and will support Raspberry Pi 3 and 4... ;-)

I will post a comment here once it is available again.
That's amazing! I can't wait! Thank you for the quick reply.


the Raspberry Pi Build Environment for Embedded Wizard 9.30 is now completed and available online!

There are two versions available, one for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and one for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.

Have fun... ;-)

Best regards,


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